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Plastic moulding

Moulding plastic components is the "core business" of the company, which boasts over 40 years of experience in the field.
BS, we design with flexibility and experience. During the design phase, we are the meeting point between the needs of the customer and the equipment manufacturer: we verify the cost of the project according to the aesthetic and functional needs of the customer, the realisation needs of the mould makers and the characteristics of the material that will be used.

Why BS

Over a covered area of 1100 sq.m, our production department consists of the best European brand injection presses that ensure product consistency and quality.
We are able to produce a wide range of articles, from a few grams up to 2 Kg.

Design and 3-D prototyping

We start from the customer’s idea and design the production equipment needed to create it, and then we manufacture the moulds and test them.
We provide a three-dimensional prototyping service to view the finished product and carry out any modifications before irreversible choices have been made.



Injection moulding is our Company's core business, but at BS…

Mould tuning and maintenance

At  BS, we can perform carry out mould maintenance and less demanding modifications. For more complex action and the manufacturing of new moulds, we use specialised partners with whom we have a long-established co-operation.
We are also specialised in testing new and modified moulds on behalf of customers or the manufacturers themselves.


Tomato clip

An ingenious solution to support agriculture

In addition to series production for our customers, we have developed a reusable article to tie plants and vegetables.

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